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Ok guys! My tail review is long over due so let’s get started! (see customer service section for the shocking news that truly makes this company PHENOMENAL!

The Crystal Minx anal tail plug can be found here: Crystal Fox Tail Plug

The tail:This is a tail made from real fur and and stuck on one of crystal delights, handcrafted glass butt plugs. They also make faux fur tails, but those can only be purchased from their resellers as of right now, the faux fur tails have yet to be put on the official Crystal delights webpage

The Fur: Shellie, the master mind behind the crystal delights tails is against animal cruelty, and only uses scrap fur purchased from fur sellers who do not harm animals in the making of their products, so that every bit of the fur is used and appreciated. She has stated that she expects and hopes the use of real fur will be legalized, and she welcomes it, but until then she will continue to salvage every bit she can so none of the fur goes to waste. 

The shipping: the tails is shipped in a long, white usps box, with no distinct  markings to give the product that lie inside away once so ever! The odd shape of the box may make family members curious, but as long as they dont go threw your mail they would never be able to guess what was in it (if anyone wants a picture of the box let me know)

My back story (why I went to crystals): So a very close friend of mine got me addicted to the idea of these tails a few weeks ago, and i set out on a mission to find one. I had originally purchased this tail plug, but the product i received in the mail was…painful to look at, and i wouldnt touch it with a twenty foot pole.

it STANK! it had dirty and grass clumps in the fur, and it was scrawny like a sickly cat, it literally looked NOTHING like the picture, not even the same color, pattern or plug. Needless to say i sent it back the same DAY! for a refund (the story of what happened at the fedex when they saw what i was shipping is a totally different matter XD)

This left me very discouraged. i wasnt quite sure where to go from here, i did not want a repeat, and i was beginning to loose faith in tails. This is when i remembered Crystals.

My concerns before purchase: Glass?! in my ass?! um…excuse me?? it took me the reading of several anal plug reviews before i even considered it! but as it turns out using a glass plug, especially a crystal delights plug, is more comfortable, more hygienic, and the size of crystal’s tails are perfect for beginners! dont believe me? read more about it from someone else

My Experience with the tail: This tail is Simple AMAZING! i LOVE IT!

now i ordered it with a custom frosted tip, instead of the ordinary smooth tip, but i didnt have any trouble at all upon insertion! it was comfy and cute and this tail is NOT STINKY XD and its very fluffy and full. I love looking at it, and I almost always want it on! In fact I only had one concern…

Customer Service: I had called ahead of time to make sure the tail i was ordering was all black, and i was assured that it was, but when I got it in the mail, it had white hairs at the top and a white tip, and i was kinda sad.. i had really wanted an all black tail, but i figured that was just how it was. Though as i looked threw pictures of other peoples tails, theres were black. Finally i Emailed Shellie

Turns out, she thought i had asked for a SILVER FOX tail D: when i wanted the frosted tip she thought i wanted a white tip on the tail as well. i explained to her that this was not that case, and asked her about dying the tail. She told me that wasnta good idea, and (get this), that she will SHIP me a NEW TAIL! Because IIIII messed up SHE is sending me a new tail!!! so i will not only have the silver fox with the frosted tip, BUT i will also get a black fox tail (fully black) with a smooth tip, for free, even though the miscommunication was MY fault for not making it clear!!! HOW KIND IS THAT????

Over all:
EVERYTHING about this tail is fantastic and COMPLETELY worth the money as to not have the same HORRIFIC first experience i had! i HIGHLY recommend this tail from this company! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

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Now this is a nice tail plug :P

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If you would like to add spice to your sex life, you must think about getting one of this piggy pig tail anal plug for your anal joy. The widest length is 1.25 inches on the pig tail butt plugs. If you wished to be your master’s small piggy, afterward you will experience a great deal of entertainment using it. The finest part is that occasionally you wouldn’t even recognize that is in your butt.

The the one problem I notice is that I would preferred it to be even bigger. Simply because It makes comfortable to sneak in and as well makes just as simple to slip out. Taken as a whole, this is an amazing animal tail plug!

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These anal tails comes in good length and they’re enormously soft. For the reason that it’s tough to discover some cat tail plugs, people regularly use these fox tail plugs as an substitute.

These fox butt plugs is put together with the use of a plug that goes into the anus and a tail that is attached to the end of the plug. With realistic  tail movements you will like this crazy toys for you or even for your dear one.

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If you choose to enhance your sex life, you need to think getting one of this sweet fox tail butt plugs for you or your partner.My boyfriend loves me when I wear this type of butt plug. If you wished to be your master’s very little foxy, afterward you will experience a great deal of excitement using it. The most excellent part is that at times you wouldn’t even recognize that is in your ass.

The the one problem I identified is that I would loved it to be even larger. Due to the fact It makes unproblematic to slip in, it equally makes just as simple to filt out. Generally, this is an brilliant animal tail plug!

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If you want just one of these animal tail then this gorgeous bunny tail butt plug is your best shot! It is one of the most beautiful of them all and also work great!

My favorite part is glass. I recommend that if you heat it up a little bit, you will love it. It is also very simple to clean and wash. If you’re more artistic type of a person, you will love beautiful patterns on this plug.

If you ask me, every girl should have one. You will have a thrilling time with that unusal special toy.

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If you like all variety of sex play comparable to pony play, you will be in love with this horse tail plug. This butt plug is created from a silicon rubber, metal or glass and is  attached by quite a few  fibers of horse fur. It is soft enought to be simply inserted.

There’s no better anal impression comparable this, to have a hairy tail swishing more or less behind you. If you’re involved into anal sex and you in addition get pleasure from strange and rare sex toys, this may possibly be a significant creation for you to enrich your bedroom bondage pleasure

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